Juicyfied’s Juice Cleanse Program in Cebu

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Ever heard about juice cleanse program? It’s really hot right now in Hollywood and even with our local celebrities. The program involves drinking juices from fruits and vegetables for three days without eating any solid food or drinking other juices. Juice cleanse said to remove harmful toxins in your body and some people even lose weight after juicing for three days. The juices also help the body absorb the nutrients easily.

I recently discovered Juicyfied, a Cebu based juicer which makes fresh cold pressed organic juices with no preservatives and water, just pure fruit and vegetable juices. They currently offer 3 cleansing programs, 1 Day Recharge, 2 Day Power-Up and 3 Day Reboot. The main purpose of Juicyfied’s juice cleanse program is to cleanse your body of toxins and free radicals. Giving your body a day-off from unhealthy eating habits and just nourishing it with the natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

I actually took the challenge and undergone their 3 day Reboot Program. Honestly, I was hesitant to try it because three days of solely drinking juices sounds just crazy and I was unsure if I can really do it. After doing a research, I did learn a lot of benefits from juicing and that made me decide to go for it.

Juicyfied Cebu

Each set comes in a thermal bag to keep the juices fresh and cold during delivery.

Juicyfied’s daily juice cleanse program consist of 6 260ml bottles of fresh juices and 2 detox tea bags. Each set comes in a thermal bag to keep the juices fresh and cold during delivery.

Juicyfied Cebu

Juicyfied Cebu’s Recharge: Blaze, Whitecandy, Bolt, Posh, Redsurprise and GTox

1 Day Recharge (Php1,200), these juices are intended for people who are new to juicing. The set of juices are gentle on your system but still cleanse your body from toxins and free radicals. The program consist of 6 bottles, 2 detox tea bag and a thermal bag.

Juicyfied Cebu

Juicyfied Cebu’s Power-Up: Sunrizer, Chocoholic, Fairy Mary, Sweetheart, Power Cleanse and Green Salad

2 Day Power-Up (Php2400), this is intended for those who want to take a further step towards cleansing and detoxifying the body. The program consist of 12 bottles, 4 detox tea bag and 2 thermal bags.

Juicyfied Cebu

Juicyfied Cebu’s Reboot: Tink, Redvitalize, Green Delight, Tangerine, Pink Power and Grinch

3 Day Reboot (Php3600), this is intended for those who want to intensify their cleanse to a achieve maximum results of detoxifying the body. The program consist of 18 bottles, 6 detox tea bags and 3 thermal bags.

Juicyfied Cebu's Detox Tea

Juicyfied Cebu’s Detox Tea

Based on my own experience, if you want to undergo juicing, you really need to prepare your mind and body. It’s a matter of mind setting and identifying your goals. 2 to 3 days before you start, you need to reduce your solid intakes already, this is to prepare your digestive system from the 3 days of purely drinking juices. Also focusing on what you want to achieve while juicing will also help you fight the cravings for solid food. During the juicing process, I never really felt hungry or starving that is because I’m taking a juice every 2 hours.

I would say Juicyfied Reboot Program really worked for me, I lost a total of 4lbs and I felt really light and full of energy during the juicing process. If you are looking for a Cebu based juicer, Juicyfied is perfect for you. You may contact them at 09065085064 for orders and you may also like their page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more information.


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