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Marco Polo Cebu’s Signature Six

I frequently visit Marco Polo Plaza Cebu because of events and gathering with friends, and over time, a lot of items on their food and beverage offerings became a favorite. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu recently introduced their “Signature Six”, six

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Bicester Cafe, My New Favorite Corner in Mabolo

Cafes are sprouting like wild mushrooms around Cebu and the newest one that I visited was Bicester Cafe. Located along the busy Pope John Paul II Avenue of Mabolo, Bicester Cafe is not your usual coffee shop. Their menu is

Byron’s Back Ribs Grille in Cebu

Back ribs is one of my favorite dish. I always gets excited whenever this dish is available in the menu, and I always end up ordering this dish when I don’t like anything else from the menu. My friend recently

Enjoy Home Style Italian Dishes at Trattoria Da Gianni

Cebu is really blessed with hundreds of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world. One of the newest addition to the growing list of restaurants in Cebu is Trattoria Da Gianni, an Italian restaurant specializing on home-style Italian dishes. Trattoria

Juicyfied’s Juice Cleanse Program in Cebu

Ever heard about juice cleanse program? It’s really hot right now in Hollywood and even with our local celebrities. The program involves drinking juices from fruits and vegetables for three days without eating any solid food or drinking other juices.