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Dong Juan Calyx Centre

Dong Juan Calyx Centre Branch

One of my favorite restaurants in Cebu recently opened it’s newest branch and I’m glad it’s just few blocks away from my office. Dong Juan, a restaurant that opened it’s doors to Cebuano in 2007 by the couple Aubrey and Barney Borja now has a total of 18 branches nationwide. Dong Juan aims to provide “Good food for every Dodong” by offering only the best and freshest ingredients on their dishes and of course pocket-friendly prices.

I can still remember my first Dong Juan visit at their Mango Square branch and on that day, I fell in love with the Dong Juan Burger and Gambas Aljillo.

Dong Juan Burger

Dong Juan Burger

The Dong Juan Burger is made of 1/3 pound beef grilled juicy patty, a slice of tomato, lettuce, cucumber slices and pickles sandwiched in a wheat bun. It also comes with potato chips which I love to stuff in the burger to have a crunchy bite.

Gambas Aljillo

Gambas Aljillo

Don’t be deceived with the simplicity of Gambas Aljillo because this pasta dish is very rich in flavor. The simple combination of pasta, olive oil, spices and shrimps will perfectly satisfy your taste buds. This is a must order every time I visit Dong Juan.

During the opening of Dong Juan in Calyx Centre, the owners served their bestsellers and also introduces their secret ingredients and new offerings.

Dong Juan's Spices

Dong Juan’s Spices

These are among of Dong Juan spices which mostly are imported. The ingredients are Dong Juan’s secret why their dishes are rich and full of exciting flavor.

Dong Juan Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Dong Juan Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Chili Paste and Grape Seed Oil

Dong Juan also introduces its new addition to their menu, the Deep Fried Chicken Wings in chilli paste and grape seed oil. I’m not really into very spicy food, that’s why I am happy because the grape seed oil balanced the spiciness of this dish. The sesame seed also adds some extra crunch and flavor to the chicken.

Calamansi Blush

Calamansi Blush

It’s also my first time to try their Calamansi Blush and it’s an instant fave! I’m a huge fan of strawberry and mixing it with Calamansi juice, it’s definitely a winner!

Dong Juan will also be introducing new dishes that you will surely love in the next months. Better visit your favorite Dong Juan often to take on the first bite of their new dishes. Dong Juan in Calyx Centre is open from 11AM to 10PM everyday.

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