Heart Tea Milk Tea in Cebu

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Heart Tea Milk Tea

When the milk tea craze hit Cebu, Heart Tea Milk Tea is one of the first milk tea spots that came out. I can still remember when I first noticed a small kiosk put up in front of Body & Sole in Cebu IT Park and the staff shouting “milk tea sir/ma’am”. Out of curiosity, I checked what they are selling and I was surprised because the prices are really affordable compared to other milk tea brands in Manila, price ranges from 50 to 100 pesos only. I ordered a Coffee Konjac milk tea and surprisingly I liked it because the tea taste is not overpowering, it’s like drinking coffee with lots of milk and a little tea taste to it.

Coffee Konjac Milk Tea

My first try of Heart Tea’s Coffee Konjac Milk Tea

Blueberry Milk Tea

My new favorite, Blueberry Milk Tea

Almost a year after it opens in Cebu, Heart Tea Milk Tea has relaunched with a sleeker and bolder look last November 10, 2012 at Gilt. Frank Oliva the Managing Partner of Heart Tea Milk Tea introduced a new logo with a modern design, a branding that would appeal to the younger and more active milk tea lovers. During that night, new variance of milk tea flavors were also introduced to the guests, the new flavors are Caramel-Wintermelon Milk Tea and Hazelnut Milk Tea. New add-ons were also introduced to add more exciting flavors to your drink, these are Blueberry Popping, Mango Popping, Orange Popping and Cranberry Popping. These poppings burst in your mouth once bitten and adds flavors to your drink.

Heart Tea Milk Tea relaunch at Gilt

Heart Tea Milk Tea relaunch at Gilt

Heart Tea Milk Tea

T: Frank Oliva, Managing Partner of Heart Tea Milk Tea introduces the new logo of Heart Tea. B: Mark Monta, Jaysee Pingkian, Jeemah Villaverde, myself, Kristine Roa, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Angeli Bas and Sinjin Pineda

Heart Tea Milk Tea has branches in Cebu IT Park, Cebu Doctor’s University, Convergys Banawa and Southwestern University fronting Aznar Coliseum. Cebu IT Park branch also delivers with a minimum order of 5 regular size or 4 large size drinks, you may tweet, message them on Facebook or txt or call them at 0922-427-6162. for orders.


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