CactusPoints Loyalty Card

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We all spend everyday and it will be great if we’ll get rewards from it right? CactusPoints is the newest loyalty card in Cebu which gives card holders the ability to earn points from their partner establishments, the accumulated points can then be used to claim a freebie or make purchases. The CactusPoints card is available at all partner merchant stores and it’s FREE.



“We really wanted to put a fun, new spin to the typical loyalty rewards card that would definitely attract the younger market. Even from our brand to the design and the way the card works, it’s something out of the box compared to the other existing loyalty and rewards systems”, says CactusPoints co-founder Jonex Ybañez. “We also made sure to make the card very easy to use, hassle-free and convenient. All you need is to claim your card at any partner establishment, and then confirm your email address and mobile number then voila! the cardholder can immediately collect points with every succeeding purchase and redeem them across different stores. Our goal is for the customer to be carrying just one loyalty card. Complete flexibility is given to the cardholder in where he uses the benefits he gets from being a loyal customer.”

CactusPoints’ current partner establishments are Alejandro’s Crispy Pata, Casa Verde, Coffee Cat, Everything Yummy, Fujinoya, Holiday Spa Hotel, Joan & Klaire, Modern Mama and Urban Superior.



How to get your own CactusPoints Card?

  • Visit any partner merchants*
  • Make a minimum purchase of Php100
  • Go to the cashier to get your card and fill up the registration form. Make sure that you have a correct email address and phone number.
  • You will get an email confirmation to finalize your registration

*You can also register at but you will still be required to visit a partner merchant to claim your card.

So how do you earn points? The minimum is you’ll earn 1% for every purchase that you made and the partner merchant has the control to increase that if they have special promotions.

Get your CactusPoints and start earning points today. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get timely updates.

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