Big Daddy Food Truck in Cebu

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Big Daddy Food Truck

Big Daddy Food Truck

The food truck has already been a part of US street scene since the late 17th century specifically in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In our present time, the food truck business has even became more popular because of the growing demand and food choices that are being offered to customers. From burgers to tacos, pastas to burritos, ice creams to milkshakes, name it and for sure a food truck has it.

Though food trucks are not that popular yet in the Philippines, Manila has already been showing signs of food truck craze. With Food Truck Market in Glorietta Park and Food Truck Park in Capitol Commons, we definitely know where this is heading.

Meet the Big Daddy Food Truck

Meet the Big Daddy Food Truck

Cebu recently had a taste of the food truck craze with the arrival of Big Daddy food truck. Driving around Cebu is a big yellow, no not a taxi, but a school bus converted into a food truck. Big Daddy food truck is an addition to Creative Cuisine’s growing number of food related businesses that will surely bring exciting gastronomical treat to Cebuanos.

Big Daddy foot truck offers food that you can commonly find in a fast food restaurants, burgers, pastas, sandwiches and milkshakes just to name a few.

Double Lava Burger

Double Lava Burger(Php210)

The Double Lava Burger is an instant favorite, it’s a double patty burger with melted American cheese sandwiched between two soft sesame buns. I have a huge appetite for meat and I find the double patties really juicy and tasty.

Bacon Mushroom Pasta (Php205)

Bacon Mushroom Pasta (Php205)

When it comes to pastas, I am more into white sauces. The Bacon Mushroom Pasta of Big Daddy food truck did not disappoint. The pasta is perfectly cooked and the sauce is really creamy.

Belly Chops

Belly Chops (Php145)

For rice lovers, they also have Belly Chops, it’s pork chop with pesto butter sauce. I love anything with pesto and this one is a winner.

Other food items offered by Big Daddy food trucks are the following:

Big Daddy Fries

Big Daddy Fries (Php70)

Japa Dog

Japa Dog (Php170)

Big Daddy Dog and Chili Cheese Dog

Big Daddy Dog (Php150) and Chili Cheese Dog (Php185)

Gambas Pasta

Gambas Pasta (Php210)

Sloppy Burger

Sloppy Burger (Php160)

Fried Oreo and Leche Fritos

Fried Oreo (Php70) and Leche Fritos (Php70)

Big Daddy food truck doesn’t have a permanent address. Make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to know their whereabouts. You can also book them for parties and other occasions, simply contact them at (032) 511-5410.


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