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Bicester Cafe, My New Favorite Corner in Mabolo

Cafes are sprouting like wild mushrooms around Cebu and the newest one that I visited was Bicester Cafe. Located along the busy Pope John Paul II Avenue of Mabolo, Bicester Cafe is not your usual coffee shop. Their menu is

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Abaca Baking Company opens in Ayala Center Cebu

Breakfast foods, breads and pastries are just some of my favorite to eat. I can still remember when I was a kid, I always end up eating breakfast food whenever I don’t like the food that was prepared. I’m glad

Are you ready to Make Your Own Magnum, Cebu?

Magnum Pleasure Store opens in Cebu and everyone’s really excited to indulge on their very own Magnum creation. The luxury ice cream bar is a global concept which enables pleasure seekers make their own Magnum. The Make Your Own Magnum

Beat the heat with Fruit Pops by Thirsty

Thirsty has been serving Cebuanos refreshing and healthy drinks since 1993. You can find their kiosks in malls, food courts, supermarkets and other places. They also have hundreds of outlets all around the Philippines, some are company owned and some

Mooshi Opens in Cebu IT Park

Mooshi has been around for quite some time now offering Cebuanos healthy drinks and snacks. The latest addition to their growing branches is the newly opened Mooshi Green Smoothie + Juice Bar in Cebu IT Park. Mooshi’s latest branch is